Lior Hirschfeld

"Not all those who wander are lost"
JRR Tolkien


Tech Intern - Ditto Labs

Helped oversee transition to new site design and backend. Improved SEO, updated UI, and organized internal data.

Course Designer - Phillips Academy

Worked with a professor to design an experimental hybrid course on philosophy and ethics that focused on the subject of AI. Oversaw transition of traditional classroom elements to the digital world.

Web Freelance - Various

Assisted a number of clients with web design. Currently working with a childcare provider in the Boston area.


MIT / 2017-2021

Majoring in Mathematics (18) and Computer Science (6-3).

Phillips Academy / 2013-2017

Inducted into the Cum Laude Society in the Winter of 2017 after being recognized as a member of the top 10% of the Senior class.


Finding the Lightcurves and Rotation Periods of 2925 Beatty, 3012 Minsk, and 9060 Toyokawa

An analysis of the volume of light reflected off three near-earth asteroids over the course of a month to determine their rotational periods. Published in the Minor Planet Bulletin.

Tap Water Violations

Visualization of tap water violations by zip code in the US. Data gathered from the EWG. More information regarding this analysis can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

Book Covers by Genre

Visualization of average book covers by genre. Data taken from GoodReads top 50 lists.


A web app I developed with Django to track the availability of display names in a number of online MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role-playing games).


I'm a student at MIT pursuing degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science. I am currently studying 7.012 (Molecular Biology), 5.111 (Chemistry), 6.004 (Computational Systems), and 21L.015 (Children's Literature).

Extracurricularly, I am interested in learning more about astronomy, climate change, and politics in the Middle East.

I was born in Israel, and I grew up in Massachussets. In my free time I like to code, to photograph, and to read (especially fantasy).